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Become a Wedding and Event Planner.

Real Event Planning Academy ~ REaL~ offers an intensive 2-Day wedding and special events planning program that gives a hands-on experience into the real world of event planning. Work with experienced industry professionals to expand your skills and become a successful planner today!

You will learn the necessary skills to succeed in the wedding and special events industry. You will learn a successful Event & Wedding Planning system developed by industry professionals that will assist you in launching your career. 

As a graduate, you will be equipped to successfully plan weddings, special events and everything in between. In order to do this, the program will teach you how to manage the key elements of events including venue, menu choices, decor design, and floral design, costs, budgets and much more. You will learn how to effectively design an event from beginning to end in order to meet the vision of your clients. You will learn the key indicators to consider when choosing venues, vendors and how to problem-solve. 

This program is ideal for anyone who is looking to build a career as a wedding and special event planner. 

Wedding and Special Event Planning Course Designed by Rosemary, Ester & Linda

Students can expect to: 

  • Achieve the expertise and approach that are highly valuable in this industry.
  • Gain knowledge for Wedding and Event Planning system that will empower you to work in your career.
  • Participate in in-depth lessons on how to manage event design including floral and decor 
  • You will learn and understand all factors including but, but not limited to the itinerary, decor, menu choices, and floorplan design.

What makes REaL the right choice for you? 

  • Knowledgeable, welcoming, inclusive and supportive community 
  • Benefits from industry professionals with a combined experience of over 30 years 
  • REaL’s collective knowledge in business development 
  • Personable one-on-one connection and guidance 
  • Continued professional development post-course
  • Opportunities to gain experience, and work within an established network of industry professionals 
  • Intense curriculum- Get started sooner!


Rosemary Parentela

Event Designer

Rosemary Parentela has been in the event industry for over 20 years. Rosemary is the creator and owner of S2 Event Decor Inc.

Ester Paris Mauro

Event Florist

Ester Paris Mauro is the second-generation owner of a family-run floral business established in 1976 called Ital Florist Ltd. 

Linda Vercillo

Event Planner

Linda Vercillo has over 25 years experience and  is the Founder/ Owner of Tra Di Noi Events & Toronto North Couture.